Tech Ed 8

Tech Ed Behavior Contract

Printable Syllabus

1. Safety Quiz 100 Points

2. Engineering & Design Process 100 Points (load bearing towers)

Design Process – link

Follow the design process steps to create a load bearing tower. Your guidelines are as follows.

  • Tower must use all materials.
  • Tower must be at least 6 inches tall.
  • You will receive 50 coffee stirrers
  • You will receive 8 lengths of balsa that are 2 feet long each.
  • You may only use glue as a fastener.
  • Towers will be begun Monday.
    • By Monday you must have the first 6 steps done and saved. Mr. Kipling will need to see your research, ideas, brainstorms, decided tower design.
    • All your finished design needs to be to scale and prepared for creation on a piece of graph paper before you receive your materials.

3. Architectural Drafting Assignments 200 Points

  • Drafting Procedures (25 pts)
  • Architectural Symbols (25 pts.)
  • The Architecture’s Scale (25 pts.)
  • Architectural Line Work (25 pts.)
  • Architectural Lettering (25 pts)
  • Create Basic Bathroom (75 pts)

4. Architectural Scale Model Home 200 Points

5. CO2 Dragster 300 Points

  • Thumbnail Sketches (20 pts)
  • Car Finish (25 pts)
  • Rough Sketches (30 pts)
  • Craftsmanship & Quality (25 pts)
  • Working Drawings (50 pts)
  • Overall Car (50 pts)
  • Top View (25 pts)
  • Average Race times (25 pts.)
  • Side View (25 pts)
  • Car Body (25 pts)

6.  Rube Goldberg – 200 points

Total– 1300 pts.

CO2 Car Instructions & Resources

  1. Read your steps to completing your CO2 car in the red book & in the link called “CO2 Design Process” on the right side of the page. Begin to get an idea of what you want to accomplish with your car.
  2. Follow the step by step instructions for your car completion.
  3. See Mr. K with questions.

CO2 Engineering Principles

Thumbnail Sketch Worksheet

Rough Sketch Worksheet

Working Drawing Top View

Working Drawing Top and Side

Working Drawing Side View

How Fast is your Car? 


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