Tech Ed 7

Tech Ed Behavior Contract

Grading Break Down:

Safety Quiz 100 Points

Newspaper Towers 100 Points

Engineering/ Clay Boat  100 Points

Paper Rockets 100 Points

Coding (Hour of Code) 100 Points

Egg Crash Vehicle 100 Points

Rube Goldberg Project 100 Points

Cardboard Challenge 100 Points

Bird House (if time) 200 Points


Total 1000 Points

Rube Goldberg Project:

Step 1: Research… Find an “everyday terms” definition for each of the Simple Machines. Give 5 examples for each. Use the links on the right side of Mr. K’s website to help you.

Step 2: Rube Goldberg: What is a Rube Goldberg Project? Give me a definition. Use the links on the right side of Mr. K’s website to help you.

Step 3: Rube Goldberg Project Design (Online)…As a group you will be putting together your project on a google doc. shared with Mr. K. Draw out the project on the document and list and label each part.

Project Guidelines: Each group must use all simple machines at least one time. Minimum 8 simple machines must be used to receive full credit.

Project Goal: Choose one of the following “Environmentally Friendly” options.

  1. Turn off the classroom lights.
  2. Turn the water off at the sinks.
  3. Turn off a computer.
  4. Open a door in order to use fresh air and conserve air conditioning.

Rocket Project


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