Immigration Trial Monday!


Monday May 11 we will be having our Immigration Trial. Our focus is to figure out “Who was at fault for so many Irish deaths during the potato famine in 1845-1850?”

There are five groups that are all indicted with the following charges:

YOU ARE CHARGED with the murder of more than a million Irish peasants who died in the fam- ine years of 1846 and 1847. These were needless deaths. Even without the potato, there was more than enough food produced in Ireland during those years to feed everyone in the country, and still have plenty left over. The action—or lack of action—taken by your group led to untold misery. You are to blame.

If you would like to follow our trial, you can watch live at the link below. Parents, you will need to know which hour your son/daughter is in class. The trial will also be available afterwards on Youtube, just click the link and it will bring you to the event’s page and you can view later.

1st Hour Trial –

2nd Hour Trial –

3rd Hour Trial –

6th Hour Trial –

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2 thoughts on “Immigration Trial Monday!

  1. Mr. Kipling

    Thank You Stacie. We would be glad to have you. You would fill out our jury.

  2. Ogden, Stacie

    Good morning!

    Just checking to see if you have all your needed jurors for your 2nd hour class (my son is Jack Ogden). If not, I can come in. I’m not sure if you’ll see this in time but please let me know if you do!


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