Why I teach? #WhyITeach

There are many reasons teachers go into the profession. Prestige, Fame, Endless perks, Pay… Ok. I am joking about a few of those. But seriously, there are countless reasons why someone may become a teacher. I would venture a guess that there may be as many reasons why people teach as there are people teaching.

For me, it is about the stories of people throughout history that have changed the world. People who have changed how we think and how we act toward one another. Many of these people are well known, but many are also anonymous. What these people do to call for, push for and make change are why I teach.

A lone man refusing to do the Nazi salute, 1936Take August Landmesser for example. He is the man in the above image with his arms crossed obviously not pleased with something about the Nazi party. Where is he? Why is he upset? What happened? What happened to him later? What are they even saluting? What does that mean? So many questions. Curious yourself click here for the backstory, it is pretty incredible and sad.

What about this? IMG_0250_2

This image is very powerful. What would you do in this situation? Talking about situations like this are why I teach. Analyzing what happened in the past, why it happened and what were the alternative options for the people involved?

The parts I love most about teaching are gaining perspective and context from the past. Finding out what people had to deal with when confronted by tough decisions and how they handled themselves. Many times we find out that decisions were not made with today’s hindsight attached to them nor were they made in a vacuum. People needed to make decisions without knowing (or maybe not wanting to know) the possible ramifications that could happen if they made this decision or that decision.

Why do I teach? I teach to get a front row seat to learning, discovery, wonder, insight, curiosity, research, passion, genius in the making. It is the greatest place to be if you ask me. 

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