How can you be someone’s champion?

Today’s #AprilBlogaDay question is “How will you be someone’s champion?”

I will be someone’s challenge by giving my students time to share their passion while researching and learning that they can connect themselves to their learning in a new way. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) ask that students learn researching skills, writing skills, reading skills and speaking skills in a new way that will prepare them for college and career, basically their future.

Their Genius Hour projects are putting them in a position where they are being asked to make their learning public and visible as they work through the process. They will be asked to share “What I learned” and “How I made an impact with what I learned” in a short 5 minute TED-style talk. I will give them one day a week to research and organize their work.

Now, on to being someone’s champion…

To see my students digging into their projects, sharing their ideas in blog posts, seeing that people are eager to hear and follow their progress is the most powerful learning that goes on in my class, and it is student directed, teacher guided.

Students are hoping to connect with their community and help with less fortunate students, returning military veterans, girls’ body image, and even more impactful, learning how their research on America and its history, can connect with their learning and it is really fun to see. Talk about being someone’s champion! I get to see this unfold as my 100 students become champions.

If you are interested to see for yourself, check out their blogs and comment on the process of becoming a champion here.

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