Awe Inspiring Projects!

Sitting at our Spring Break trip with my family I am enjoying every moment, but I can’t shut off my mind thinking about my students Genius Hour projects. I am in awe seeing the hopes they have with their projects. 

  • A boy who loves to fish and wants to see how he can help veterans learning to cope with PTSD and share his passion for fishing with them so they can relax and find something that can help with their experience. 
  • Many students who want to help other students who are less fortunate. We have an organization near us that helps with “sack suppers” for school children. 
  • Teenage girls feel a strong curiosity toward their body image and self image. They typically look to magazines and movies to see the “correct” body styles, but rarely ever find their actual body style because of airbrushing. Their curiosity and vulnerability is a powerful project that they want to delve into. What they find and share I am eager to see. 
  • There are many, many other topics and ideas sprouting that will be fun to watch. Check them out here and give a comment or two of support, ask questions, share insight, knowledge and just plain cheer them on! 

Now back to staring at the waves! 

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One thought on “Awe Inspiring Projects!

  1. Awe inspiring is right. Thanks for making time to write during your spring break.

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