Genius Hour Update

Genius Hour requirements are: “Show us what you learned” and “Make an impact with what you learned.”

That is it! Presentations will run from June 3-5 and will be broadcast live.

Check out these ideas.

A student who likes to fish, he wants to research fishing and the calming qualities of fishing. He then wants to research and become active taking military veterans fishing to help them with their PTSD. All from a love of fishing.WHOA!

A student would like to learn more about what it takes to spread their passion for learning to school children in Africa. She saw an assembly earlier this year from a “Lost Boy” from the Sudan who created a school for children in his country. My student wants to find out what she can do to help. Do you have goosebumps yet?

Now your help is needed! Our genius hour projects are starting to get legs! They are taking off. It is so exciting… We are moving from the “what do I do?” phase to the “Here is my goal, what do you think?” phase.

It is very important that our blogs have an authentic audience and receive feedback from that audience.

Please follow this link to see our blogs. Students would very much appreciate having an audience and sharing their passion with you. Please give feedback, ask questions, show your curiosity, share your excitement with them.

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