Every time someone tells me, “I have to work…” I think to myself, “that is too bad, because I get to go to school every day!”

I get to experience students learning every day. Some days reluctant learning, some days are days they walk out the door with the words, “can we do that again?” just leaving their lips. Either way, I am a part of something much bigger than myself, I get to teach.

I did a Google search on the following. Check out the autocomplete Google was offering up based on past searches in Google. Pretty fascinating what people are looking up about teaching:

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 12.23.29 PM


I agree with all of the search completions, but I agree mostly with the first one, “Teaching is fun. Don get me wrong, we do not just come to school and play all day, it is hard work, there are long hours, it takes creativity to make learning interesting, palatable, enjoyable, exciting, or “fun.” But I would agree mostly with the fact that teaching is fun.

Teaching to me is seeing learning happen. Watching the lightbulb go on for someone. That is fun!

I am willing and eager to spend countless hours (please whatever you do, don’t count the hours I put in outside of school, it is not pretty!) Can you say obsessed? What am I saying, I am obsessed with learning and being a part of learning for my students.

This may not make sense to some, but to those who have put in a lot of time into a project dreaming, planning, researching, preparing, presenting, participating, giving feedback, and answering questions along the way, then the end of the process turns out well, it makes perfect sense. Doesn’t it feel great? THAT IS LEARNING! THAT IS TEACHING! It is really fun!

I had the opportunity to play collegiate baseball at Central Michigan University (Fire Up Chips!) and put in tons and tons of hours into preparing to play. The game itself was short compared to the preparation. That is exactly the same as teaching.

The other thing I love about teaching is that it is an art. Art is not a perfect process. It is not something that has a perfect beginning, middle and end result that we look at and say, “Wow, what perfection!” Art is different to everyone. Teaching and learning is different for everyone. We must make that known and a priority! That is why I completely agree that teaching is an art and must be embraced by our communities as such. We are fine-tuning a craft and mistakes and failures will happen. It is our jobs as teachers to make sure failure is not the end, it is just a First Attempt In Learning (Get it? FAIL).

I love teaching! Wow that felt good…

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4 thoughts on “#LoveTeaching

  1. Becky Tjapkes

    Thank you for sharing your passion for learning with the kids and with us. That is what makes a difference for them. I pray you can always hold on to that!

  2. jim@vandamfam.com

    thank you for your commitment to the kids….

    Jim Van Dam 15756 Willows Dr. Spring Lake, MI 49456 Ph. 616.485.8809    

  3. Michelle Mitchell

    That is awesome! THANK YOU for being a teacher! The Spring Lake community and my son are very lucky to have you.

  4. Kathleen Pedersen

    Awesome, and as a teacher I couldn’t agree more. So glad Riley has you as a teacher!

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