Learning from Spiderman’s uncle??

Spiderman is like Social Media. What???

I asked my students today about what Social Media sites they know about. Their lists off the top of their head were extensive.

I shared with them Twitter’s Gift  to the US Library of Congress. Their first response to “What did Twitter do this for?” were things like:

“To keep track of what the bad guys are doing.”

“For the government to watch us.”

“To see what we are doing.”

All possible, but not the real reason, if you ask me. Today people do not keep hard copies of diaries, pictures, notes, sometimes books, etc. We are living in a world where our life’s story is recorded by social media like Facebook & Twitter.

Here is my answer to my own question: “Our story as an American citizen is recorded and the Library of Congress has been given the access to collect that story.”

I want students to be able to use social media in a positive way and see the benefits of Facebook, Twitter, etc, etc. I want them to practice their digital life in a safe place where the only people that can collaborate with them are peers that are close and that have the same teacher. What a great place for them to learn how to be a positive digital citizen than in a place like Schoology or Edmodo or some other Learning Management System in class.

How can we practice this? What does this have to do with us, Mr Kipling? (Typical questions from my kids. 🙂

Use your words to tell a positive story! Share a nice thought with someone and make their day. This reminds me of a quote that sticks with me.

“To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.”

Class Activity from this: 

I asked my students to turn their positive comments toward each other and practice sharing nice thoughts with each other. Pick someone up, share a nice thought, boost someone’s day. We did this by commenting on our class Schoology page. Each student replied to each others’ name and practiced saying something meaningful and really meaning it.

The looks on their faces as this 15 minute activity took place were priceless. There were even conversations afterwards with each other and “getting to know you” time that was not in my plan.

There is a quote that comes from the Spiderman comic: “With great power comes great responsibility”. Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben tells him that early in the comic series.

Our lives are collected because that is the way we put ourselves out there, but we have much responsibility that we must live up to with how we use Social Media to send out the message we want others to see.


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One thought on “Learning from Spiderman’s uncle??

  1. Mary Thornsen

    Love it. Thanks Mr Kipling. What an awesome teacher!

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