Slavery & Suffrage Speeches

We have been busy experiencing the constitutional convention and the difficulty the “founders” had. The convention was represented by Northern Merchants & Plantation Owners only. There was no representation by Women, Native Americans, Free or Enslaved African Americans and Indentured Servants (or poor white workers).

Students have been assigned into a small group and were given a role out of the seven roles. They were then asked to decide what should be done with slavery and suffrage (voting) in America. They needed to read their groups role: see the roles here if you are interested in some reading.

Long story short! Students negotiated with other groups, made alliances and came to a conclusion that could make themselves happy as a group.

Please take a moment to check out your son or daughter’s speech on slavery & suffrage below. I have included your son or daughters first name with their group so you can tell which link to click.

Please ask them about it. It was eye-opening definitely.

1st Hour

White Workers & Indentured Servants (Wade, Eric D, Jeremy, Sophie)

Enslaved African Americans and this sparked a debate. (TJ, Noah, Mimi, Coco)

Free African Americans. (Patrick, Lindsey, Dylan, Quin)

White Women. (Miah, Jacob, Hunter)

Male Southern Plantation Owners. (Daniel, Arynn, Allie)

Northern Merchants & Bankers. (Tucker, Brett, Josh)

Native Americans: Iroquois Nation. (Sean, Sophia, Jacob, Nathan)


1st Hour Voting Results: here

2nd Hour

White Workers & Indentured Servants (Evan, Sam, Danielle, Zack)

Enslaved African Americans and their debate. (Cassie, Cameron, Madelyn)

Free African Americans. (Keyanna, Maddie, Brooke, Brandon)

White Women. (Kaylie, Lauren, Emma, Ellie)

Male Southern Plantation Owners. and a video they created. (Alivia, Lilly, Kaylie, Meggie)

Northern Merchants & Bankers. (Erin, Josh, Nick, Noah)

Native Americans: Iroquois Nation. (Alex, Miles, John Mark)


2nd Hour Voting Results: here

3rd Hour

White Workers & Indentured Servants. (Kendall, Audra, Kayla, Tessa, Lexi, Graydon)

Enslaved African Americans. (Sam, Clare, Emma, Adrew, Ava)

Free African Americans. (Jack, Kate, Olivia, Tyler, Hailey, Nick)

White Women. (Brianna, Madi, Austin, Rylan, Mary)

Male Southern Plantation Owners. (Jose, Daisy, Cole, Ashlynn, Zack, Noah)

Northern Merchants & Bankers. (Caden, Bryce, Hannah, Michael, Scott)

Native Americans: Iroquois Nation. (Sara, Cassie, Caden, Makayla, Kevin)


3rd Hour Voting Results: here

4th Hour

White Workers & Indentured Servants. (Nathan P., Robbie H., Kailey C., Siera Z.)

Enslaved African Americans. (Dane, Gray, Kylee, Connor)

Free African Americans. (Jeremiah, Hunter, Ben Bo, Carsen)

White Women. (Ben A, Rylee, Ryan, Ivy)

Male Southern Plantation Owners. (Ben Bi, Taylor, Adam, Trenton)

Northern Merchants & Bankers. (Josie, Dakota, Chelsea, Jake)

Native Americans: Iroquois Nation. (Branden, Emily, Erica, Drew)


4th Hour Voting Results: here

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