Social Media (Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook)…

Tolerance, Bullying, Standing Up for what is right!

We have started this year of with some amazing, mind shattering (at least mine) discussions and activities that have allowed our students to get to know each other. Parents “Million Words or Less”, Snapshot Autobiographies, Reading & Writing Surveys, Journalling to ourselves, sharing what we are passionate about, among others.

This week we have had a discussion about Twitter and Social Media in general. I wanted to share with you, as parents of my students, what was shared and discussed.

What did we talk about in class? 

Twitter Gift – First I shared with them the link to the actual document, the agreement between Twitter and the Library of Congress. Twitter, Inc. gifted ALL TWEETS (public and private) to the Library of Congress from its inception until it is no longer a company. This is in order to share the Story of America. Everything we, as citizens of the world do, is now done through Social Media. Twitter is one of the avenues people share their lives with others. That is part of America’s story. Library of Congress collects important parts of America’s story. Students that are on Twitter need to understand that everything they do, share, retweet, and are connected to, is public knowledge forever in the Library of Congress. This can be scary if you don’t realize what you say is completely public.

Twitter FAQ page – This is a link to a page on the Library of Congress that shares their thoughts on this whole “Twitter Gift” idea.

To this day Video – I want to share with you a video of a poem about tolerance, bullying, treating others with respect and how our actions can have long lasting effect on people. They then shared their ideas with one another as responses to a post on Edmodo. Their words were powerful, to say the least. It was incredible to see what each other had to say about the topic of Bullying and Treating others with respect. We had the entire range of “this doesn’t happen” to “it happens all the time!”

USA Today Article – The article recently published in The USA Today about High School students in Ohio convicted of Rape. They had posted pictures, tweets, video, of themselves doing these things to their fellow student (human being). We did not discuss this in class to the detail that the article goes. This is another example of how your online alter-ego can get you into trouble.

Don’t Tweet That: Social Media Stupidity Sticks Around

My challenge to students.

Make it a point to notice how other people treat one another. Make it a point to be kind, say hello to each other, give each other compliments. Make it a point in your life to move kindness, compassion, empathy, and Rachel’s Challenge to the top of your priority chain. How you act toward one another will get my students much farther in their life than any assignment, grade, or test will ever take them. ~Just a bit of my opinion. 🙂

Each student that gets their parents to comment on this post will get 10 points bonus. Parents, please reply to this post with your thoughts, ideas, comments, support, etc. before October 21, 2013! You can also see what last year’s parents mentioned. Let’s keep the conversation going and show our thoughts.

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22 thoughts on “Social Media (Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook)…


    In a world with on going turmoil, why do we want to create more…lets use our energy in a positive way, it goes much further!!!
    Angie Beeler

  2. Joe Cossey

    Please do, I would be happy to help. Have a great weekend.


  3. Mr. Kipling

    I really appreciate the comment. We are planning to have an anti-bullying campaign start in the fall full swing. Check it out. It is called Rachel’s Challenge. Rachel Scott was killed in the Columbine Shootings and she had written many poems about this topic. Her family took up her cause and the campaign is sweeping the nation. Like most anything else, it takes a sustained effort to keep it going and make a big difference. That is what I want from this! These kids are so hungry to make a difference. I may be in touch again to enlist community helpers. I will keep you in mind.

  4. Joe Cossey

    I know I am past the April 10th date, but still wanted to thank you for covering this important topic with our kids. The more times they hear the message the better! Have you as a school started an anti-bullying campaign? If not, perhaps your students could start one. Look into the “Don’t be a Zebra” anti-bullying campaign, I’ll bet the kids would be interested in starting a school-wide campaign like that.

  5. Jennifer Craig

    Thank you so much for providing the info. and for covering/dlscussing such an important topic.

    Cyber bullying has become so prevalent and it’s critical that we all get more involved.

    Thank you!!!

  6. Jen

    I am so thankful that you are taking the time to discuss this very important issue. I wish we lived in a society where bullying did not exist but since that is not the case it is critical for people to know we all play a role. We are either the bullies, the bullied, the bystanders, or those that advocate for what is right.

  7. Sara West

    Thank you for discussing these issues with your students. Tolerance and respect are so important, especially in a society that values free speech. Thank you for teaching them the responsibilities that come with freedom.

  8. Molly Dewald

    I am very glad to hear that you are showing your students just how permanent and public their “private” comments are on social media platforms. Thanks!

  9. Mary Bierman

    Wise information! We also have stressed once you hit send there is no return. Appreciated the fact of you stressing to acknowledge people. A short hello to someone goes a long way even if you don’t know them. Thank you for discussing this information in your class!

  10. Pam Klein

    Thank you for providing an opportunity for students to discuss in class these important topics. Social media is a part of our daily lives and everyone who uses it needs to be responsible and respectful. It has the power to be a positive tool, but can also become negative and degrading when abused.

  11. Cherie Clark

    Thank you for addressing this topic through your lessons. Although we discuss the risks involved with social networking at home with our children, your additional coverage of the pros and cons can only help to foster what we hope will be responsible and moral networking.

  12. Pattie Johnson

    Wow! Such great information you covered! In this day and age of social media, it’s good to have our kids understand the potential behind the media (good and bad). It’s a privilege to have access to all of these outlets, so I think it’s beneficial to include the education behind it as part of our everyday curriculum in order to respect the possibilities and risks.

  13. brad schubert

    Great Info/Lessons Mr. Kipling. We have had numerous discussions with our kids about the risks and benefits of social networking. Having it presented this way is a great way to help parents and students stay on top of the situation. Thanks for your creative and progressive approach to educating our kids.

  14. Dina

    The point about postings on social media is so appropriate. Most young adults have a hard time understanding what forever really means, but I know of quite a few people who regret something they posted in the first few years of myspace/facebook. That video poem regarding bullying was extremely powerful! My daughter came home that night and made everyone watch it and we discussed it. If you have not watched it yet, please do.

  15. Traci Verlinde

    What an awesome dialogue-so relevant for kids today. Words to live by in the Verlinde house:
    What you say and what you post can never be taken back….so choose them both wisely!
    Thanks, Mr. Kippling!

  16. Lisa Grimmer

    THANK YOU!!! I think there should be an entire class devoted to these topics that our kids are required to take from now until they graduate!

  17. Mary VandenBosch

    People don’t keep diaries or write letters using paper the way they used to. Everything is digital and online.So… Twitter, Facebook, etc. will be the primary sources we teach history with in the future! Knowing that what you post doesn’t just disappear (not even the 10 second Snapchat picture) is important for kids to understand. Our rule is only post/tweet/status update/snapchat what you would put on the front page of the newspaper. Once you post it, you can’t take it back. It’s like trying to shove toothpaste back into the tube! Thank you, Mr. Kipling, for helping our teens learn these important lessons.

  18. Excellent lesson, Mr. Kipling! Bullying comes in many forms and learning to identify and stand up against bullying is an on-going lesson we all continue to strive toward.

    Love that you are reminding the kids that their social media presence is ongoing and will follow them for a looooong time.

  19. Christine Schock

    Thank you for discussing this topic in such an open environment. Our family has also discussed bullying, respect and general concern of others in our household. I’m so glad this is being reinforced at school! Thank you also for involving the parents in this discussion!

  20. Molly Crissman

    I agree 100+% with all you said. We, as a family, just had a discussion at dinner last night about what kinds of bullying the kids see at each of their schools (Holmes, IS, MS) and thankfully, no apparent severe cases. I do also want to raise the point, though, that we think the term, bullying, is getting a bit overused. Sometimes, we have heard of someone who feels they were “bullied” just because they took part in a controversial topic and others didn’t agree with them. This is NOT bullying–it’s debate, discussion, freedom of speech, whatever one wants to call it. We don’t want to squelch ones’ voices. We all just need to be respectful and nice!

  21. Darcy Snippe

    Bullying is a big topic in this house… I am glad that you brought to light that it happens in social media as well as in person. Kids these days are so into posting things not realizing once it is posted it is there forever.

  22. Pat Bectel

    You got my full support on these issues. A lot of people don’t want to believe that we have these issues in a community like Spring Lake, but unfortunately, it happens everywhere.

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