Reading & Study Area in Room 1… Need help please!

We are off to an amazing start to the year. Students are getting used to the flow of class, using devices in class is both a challenge and an exciting time. If you ask your children about their experience so far, I am sure they will have an opinion. My goal for the rest of the year is to make their opinion BETTER than it is right now, regardless of their viewpoint.

Now on to the request…

The structure of this class, both History and English, is a place where learning happens, collaboratively and individually. i have these amazing tables and chairs so the collaborative areas are taken care of, but my individual study areas leave a lot to be desired. That is where you could come in. See for yourself … Not exactly inviting!

20130920-123003.jpg   20130920-123030.jpg

I would like to make 2 study/work/reading areas that students can go to learn. These areas need to be inviting and comfortable. If we think about an area where a discussion can happen, notes can be taken on our iPads, or just a place to read their novel, that is what I want these areas to be, a place that is inviting. Currently, as you can see, I have no chairs for these places. I envision 4 chairs in each area, for a total of 8. I would love to have 4 beanbag chairs or plastic adirondack chairs for each area for students to work.

If you have any questions or would be willing to make a donation to room 1, please either reply to this post or send me an email. Thank You for considering this.



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4 thoughts on “Reading & Study Area in Room 1… Need help please!

  1. Mr. Kipling

    I received my first chair today. It is a blue beanbag chair from Meijer. It looks just like a recliner that sits on the floor. If I could get 8 of these when all is complete, that would be excellent. Thank you for considering.

  2. Karen Cunningham

    We (Tom & Karen Cunningham – TJs parents) would be happy to contribute/help! [We recently saw some trampoline chairs that would be an option of something that would fold up when not in use. – similar to picture below. It seems like those were $25ish each??? Just a thought]. Let us know what you need/want us to do/how much $ you need (within reason 😉)

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  3. Mr. Kipling

    For Sure! Thank you! How can I get them? Is there a way you can drop them off before or after school? Or if you email me your address (we can keep your address off this public forum) I can pick them up.

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