Wow! Incredible!

I think my arm hairs grew today with all the goose bumps I had watching my students (that’s right! MY STUDENTS!) working to help the less fortunate in our area. We filled 1,000 bags of trail mix. Wow…

I had to share with you a couple thoughts and some pictures of the day.

The compassion your children show make me beam with pride. Your children’s excitement to do something for their fellow man makes me proud to have the opportunity to work with them every day. Their ability to collectively work together to make a difference for other students in the area that would otherwise go without a meal after school makes me proud to be a human being, right here in Spring Lake, Michigan.

Thank You for sharing your children with me and I am very excited to see what this generation can bring our community and the world.

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6 thoughts on “Wow! Incredible!

  1. Patti Tebelman

    Awesome project and humbling experience!

  2. Great bunch of kids! Thank you for facilitating this project!

  3. Mr. Kipling

    Thank You to SPring Lake Middle School kitchen staff! They were very patient as they made lunch for students and our kids were in their way. Thank You to them!

  4. Molly Crissman

    Very cool! What a great experience for the kids. The recipients are going to love it!

  5. Mr. Kipling

    I forgot to mention a few thank you’s! Jane Donnelly came in and helped keep things run smoothly. Amazing! Thank You Jane!.

  6. Susan Negen

    Thank you for helping our kids to make a difference in the world, Eric!

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