Final Push! Trail Mix

Wow! My office is looking very “Trail Mix-ful”. I am so excited for students to have this opportunity to give back to other students that are in need.

We still need a couple items. I need these by Wednesday before school.

  1. 500 sandwich size ziplock backs
  2. 33 more ounces of Cheez-its or Goldfish

Here is a picture of what we have so far.


Last request…

If there is anyone that can come help lead the groups in filling the bags in the kitchen on Wednesday, that would be terrific. The kitchen ladies will help point you in the right direction of items they are willing to allow us to borrow for this process. I will send down groups of students to the kitchen throughout classes while the trail mix gets filled by students.

Please respond to this if you are available.



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8 thoughts on “Final Push! Trail Mix

  1. Laurie Galligan

    I just noticed that Darcy had brought ziploc bags, so let me know if there are still other needs.

  2. Laurie Galligan

    Megan Galligan will bring the 500 sandwich bags.

  3. Darcy Snippe

    Remaining ziploc bags and cheese its are in the main office already

  4. Judy hissom

    I can help Wednesday. I will just need to know what time…..

  5. Mark And Jane

    What time on Wednesday do you need help?

    Jane E. Donnelly Hago Yoga

  6. Darcy Snippe

    I will get remaining items … What time Wed. I can help… Donna is in first hour.

  7. Molly Dewald

    What time do you need help?

  8. Maria Anderson

    Elizabeth will bring the ziploc bags for tomorrow

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