Still needed items for Trail Mix!!!

We are going to be making the Trail Mix next Wednesday, May 1. If you can please have the ingredients you have signed up for to school (room 1, Mr. K’s class) by Tuesday, the students will be fired up and ready t0 go.

Here are the items we need volunteers for please:

  • (14) 36 oz. bags of raisins or dried fruit
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16 thoughts on “Still needed items for Trail Mix!!!

  1. Darcy Snippe

    Thanks for opening door for Donna 30 pounds of raisins was a bit heavy to carry through the school 🙂 let me know if you still need the remaining items and we can pick them up tonight . DARCY

  2. Dina Reedy

    Morgynn Reedy will bring 2 boxes of crackers

  3. Kim Constantine

    I will send taylor in with cheerios. Thanks.

  4. Clairice will bring in 2 bags of raisins.

  5. Lin Johnson ( Proud Grandma ).

    FYI. Bri has a peanut allergy. She could use cashews or walnuts?

  6. Isaac'sMom

    I will send in 2 boxes of Cheerios.

  7. Molly Dewald

    Jack will bring in 64 Oz of raisins and 31 oz of goldfish

  8. Christine Miller

    Thank you for the reminder.

  9. Molly Crissman

    Sam Walters will bring a big bag-o-dried fruit

  10. Maria Anderson

    I can bring a 36 oz. bag of dried fruit

  11. Paul Slajus

    Mr. Charlie will bring in 16oz. of dry roasted peanuts.

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  12. Kathy VM will get ALL of the peanuts.

  13. Dixon

    Jack Dixon will bring crackers.

    Michelle Dixon Gem Source Fine Jewelry 622 East Savidge Spring Lake, MI 49456 616.846.4842 C: 616.502.9015

  14. Pam Klein

    Taylor Klein will donate 3 boxes of Cheez-its.

  15. Chuck Christensen

    Doreen Christensen is picking up 5 boxes of chez-it’s….

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  16. Rachel Terpstra

    Madison Terpstra will bring in the 4 boxes of Cheerios.

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