How do you feel about yourself?

Today we talked about continuing to do good deeds for others. The start was showing the following video by Dove.

The students were asked to turn to a neighbor and give 5 qualities about themselves they really like. This was a struggle!

After that, they were asked to give 5 qualities about their neighbor they really like. This was easier. But it was easier because they could compliment their peer’s shirt, pants, shoes, etc. In order to become more together in this journey, students need to get to know one another better, and that starts with themselves. Once that happens, their compliments will become deeper and be more meaningful to the receiver of the compliment. Don’t you think?

Students (and us fellow citizens) can help one another with self esteem (real self esteem!) by giving compliments to each other, but more importantly we need to give ourselves compliments and believe the compliments.

We also talked about my crooked nose, my t-ball experience, the fact that there are people in their class they don’t even know exists (yikes).

My task for the students:

Here is the video we saw today in class. Use it to carry into your lives and make a difference. Feel good about yourselves. Tell yourself positive thoughts about your characteristics and abilities. Tell others about their characteristics and abilities. Pay compliments to your fellow students.

How can you help? 

Talk about this! Watch the video together and share compliments with each other about yourself. Share stories with your kids about growing up yourself and how it was difficult and they are not the first to go through Adolescence.

Thank You for what you do! I think you are all amazing and I am so glad to be a part of your child’s life! 

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3 thoughts on “How do you feel about yourself?

  1. Jen Gable

    Thank you for not only teaching social studies but social issues. You rock, Mr. K!!

  2. LeAnne M Stewart

    This was awesome for my caught Ruby and I to share with Dan. Thanks

  3. LeAnne Stewart

    Hi there,

    I hope you do not mind that I stopped in to your class room yesterday… Dan just seemed very interested in the subject and wanted me to be apart of it.

    Thanks so much for the great job that your doing and please keep me posted on future projects…

    Have a great day!


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