What can we do about hunger?

One of the most frequently asked questions students ask about history (and school for that matter) is, “What does this have to do with me?” Another comment that was made while we studied was, “I am glad this type of thing doesn’t happen today.” But it does!

How can we connect 1840 Ireland to 2013 West Michigan and 2013 world. As the students studied for their trial, I was looking for a way to connect this 1840’s event (Irish Famine and hunger) to today once the trial was complete.

Let me share with you a few facts:

  • According to the Institute for Food and Development Policy/Food First, “Enough food is available to provide at least 4.3 pounds of food per person a day worldwide: two and a half pounds of grain, beans, and nuts, about a pound of fruits and vegetables, and nearly another pound of meat, milk, and eggs.” And yet, according to the organization Bread for the World, 852 million people in the world are hungry, and every day 16,000 children die of hunger-related causes.
  • Hunger impacts 49 million people in the United States and 925 million people across the world. You know what hunger feels like. Image what happens when you’re hungry for long periods of time. Hunger impacts brain development and causes stunting and malnutrition.
  • One in six people in the United States do not know where their next meal is coming from. Next time you open the pantry or have a snack, be thankful that you have food to eat.
  • More kids are experiencing poverty.  Today, 36,860 children living in Kent County are food insecure. From 2000 to 2008, Grand Rapids had the largest spike in poverty among any US city at 8.9%, meaning that more children are at risk of becoming food insecure.
  • Sources: http://www.kidsfoodbasket.org/our-purpose/the-facts
  • Source 2:  http://revolutionhunger.org

With all these facts, tackling hunger seems overwhelming for students (and me for that matter!) but taking things one step at a time and starting small.

With that said, we are going to start small and partner with Kids Food Basket of West Michigan and do our part.

Here is where you come in! 

Students will be completing the following projects and need your help:

1.  We will be decorating 1,000 Sack Supper bags. We are in need of 1,000 brown paper bags (8 pound bags – The larger of the brown paper bags that are lunch style) to be donated to class. These can be purchased at most any grocery store. Please read this! ALL SET ON LUNCH BAGS

2.  We will be packing 1,000 trail mix bags for Kids Food Basket sack suppers.

    • Supply List (for 1,000 bags of Trail Mix)
      • (7) 3 lb. 4 oz. cans of peanuts ALL SET ON PEANUTS
      • (14) 36 oz. bags of raisins or dried fruit STILL NEED ALL RAISINS

      • (14) 16 oz. bags of mini-twist pretzels ALL SET ON PRETZELS
      • (28) 16 oz. boxes of Cheez-It crackers or Goldfish ALL SET ON CHEEZ ITS
      • (28) 14 oz. boxes of Cheerios (regular or whole grain) All SET ON CHEERIOS
    • Items needed for assembling and packaging
      • 1,000 Zipper lock sandwich baggies ALL SET ON ZIPLOCK BAGS
      • 120 pair Plastic gloves (Meijer or GFS) ALL SET ON PLASTIC GLOVES
      • 15 Large mixing spoons ALL SET ON SPOONS
      • 10 Large new plastic tubs (2-4 people per tub) ALL SET ON TUBS
      • 8-10 oz. plastic cups ALL SET ON CUPS
    • And I will be needing 4-5 parents to volunteer to help on the day of the Trail Mix creation.

If you could volunteer for one of these items, I have 115 students, so we could cover all these items. 

I am hoping to do these projects during the week of April 29 – May 3, so that gives us 2 weeks to collect these items. I will be collecting items in my classroom until then.

Please reply to this post with what item(s) you will get so we can have a running log and others can see what is already taken.

Thank You for your support,

With our collective hands, we can make a difference!

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19 thoughts on “What can we do about hunger?

  1. Traci Verlinde

    I can’t quite tell if you still need Cheerios—so if not, please email me. We can get the mixing tubs instead.

  2. Traci Verlinde

    The Verlinde family will donate the remaining 6 boxes of Cheerios.

  3. Brendan Rice

    Never mind about the Cheerios we can bring 5 boxes of cheez it’s

  4. Mr. Kipling

    Mr. Kipling brought in 100 paper bags today.

  5. Pam Thornley

    I will bring 8 boxes of Cheerios.

  6. Patti Tebelman

    Connor Tebelman will bring in 5 packages of the XL lunch bags.

  7. Toni Schubert

    Can bring 4 bags of pretzels, 2 boxes of cereal.

    Sent from my iPad

  8. Jen Gable

    Cameron Gable will bring in 4 – 16 oz. boxes of cheese crackers. Great idea!

  9. Jack Dewald

    Jack is bringing in one 3 lb can of peanuts.

  10. Diane Kieft

    Hi Mr. Kipling, Please put me down for 5 pkgs. of the X tra large lunch bags. Thanks for involving our kids in this important project!!! Diane Kieft

  11. judy hissom

    Hissom’s will supply 500 zippered sandwich baggies.

  12. Megan Zambiasi

    Thomas Zambiasi will bring 4 boxes of Cheerios!

  13. Kurt Klemple

    I signed up for this on 4/12/13. I just found out that I needed to click follow to do this correctly. I am set up mow, can you please adjust Olivia’s grade? It was not her fault. Thank you, Kurt Klemple

    Sent from my iPhone

  14. Kathy Gould

    Emmeline Wachter will bring in two boxes of cheerios. And the judicial robe for the trial tomorrow is coming as well! 🙂 Kathy Gould

  15. Darcy Snippe

    The Snippe family will donate the 1000 lunch bags for this project… Fantastic idea. I will send them in with Donna.

  16. Pam Kramer

    The Kramer family will get the rest of the mini twist pretzels, so that is 12 16oz bags. What a great project! I agree with the Vander Hoek’s, if you get close to the event and need more items let me know. Pam Kramer

  17. Kelly VanderHoek

    The VanderHoek family will supply 2 boxes of Cheez-Its and 2 bags of mini pretzels. 🙂 Great project!!
    (If you get close to the day of your “event” and need additional supplies, please let me know.)

  18. Mr. Kipling

    Thank you! Send it in with your student. Awesome!!!

  19. Gail Brechting

    HI Mr. Kipling, The Brechting’s will get the 120 plastic gloves for this great project. I assume we just send them in with our student anytime? And Annie will bring it down to your classroom? Thank you for involving our children in such a worthy cause! Gail and Frank Brechting


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