What are we up to? Trimester #2

I apologize for the absence in posting recently. We have been doing AMAZING work on the Government, Constitution, and Landmark Supreme Court cases. We will soon be moving into our first class Deliberation on a present “hot” topic relevant to students’ lives.

Students created notes on the nuts & bolts of government and how it was established as well as the roles and responsibilities of each branch of government. They then created a keynote presentation on the Bill of Rights. Once that was complete, they were responsible to create a Rap song about the Bill of Rights and the rights we are given by them. This was really cool! Ask them to share with you.

Check out the following topics the students spent time discussing, debating and arguing. Before the discussions, pairs of students chose a topic and became “experts” on the issue as well as a Supreme Court case that resolved the issue. They were given the stage to lead a discussion in class where others debated the answer to the question. Once the discussion slowed, the experts shared the results of the Supreme Court Case, ending our talk. It was a great sight to see!

If you need some amazing “Dinnertime conversation” try these on for size. You may be impressed with the ability of your son/daughter to share their thoughts & evidence of their beliefs. I was pretty impressed at how they worked together, shared their thoughts civilly, listened to each other. They could actually teach our present-day government a thing or two about getting work done! 🙂

Should schools censor student newspapers?

Should school officials have the right to search your property?

Can public schools ban political protests?

Should books be removed from school libraries simply because school officials deem them offensive?

Do students’ First Amendment rights allow them to make obscene speech in school?

Should youths between 15 and 18 years of age be executed for crimes committed during this time?

Is corporal punishment administered in schools unconstitutional?

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