Welcome! 2012-2013 a New School Year! Wahoo!

We are underway with our new school year. Wrapping up our 3rd week of school. Amazing time has been spent getting to know each other and learn about our new classroom guests this year. New iPads for each user while in class, whiteboard tables, new amazingly comfortable chairs the students really are digging. This year we are also implementing a “Flipped” History Classroom. I have placed an infographic about exactly what a Flipped classroom is like. I hope you have all read the Syllabus at this point and remember that if you have any questions as we traverse the year together, you do not ever hesitate to ask! Remember, we are all going to put the “Story” in History class and learn to think like historians.

The students have been busy getting the Historical Thinking process underway. They began with a Lunchroom Food Fight discussion examining sources as they role-played being the principal trying to get to the bottom of the food fight. They realized that there are many perspectives, viewpoints, opinions, and perspectives from the people that all felt like they knew the “whole story.” This lesson was a great introduction to our historical journey we will be taking this year. History, just like the food fight, has many perspectives. Some of these sources of information are useful and some useless.

After completing the food fight investigation, we began to write their “Snapshot Autobiography” where they had to write about the day of their birth! They are a primary source, since they were there after all. After a bit of tribulation and stress, they wrote a terrific “snapshot” of that day. Their next task was to create a booklet where they wrote about 3 other events in their life that shaped into the people they are today. One of these four events was to be the basis of an interview with someone who remembered the event and getting their perspective of that event.

I am extremely excited about where this year can go, as the students are all so capable of great things! Enjoy the infographic on the Flipped Classroom, and I will be back to share more as we continue on our journey. Until then, Cheers! Mr K


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